This is a selection of the recipes that I use to prevent starvation and general malnutrition. The recipes which follow are for the most part, very simple and easy to use, so that virtually any idiot can make them. Some of the desserts are a little more complicated, but worth it!

Most of the main course recipes are ones that I've received from my mother. Quite a few of the desserts are her's too, but most of them come from various magazines and cookbooks. Although I can't recall what came from where, most of them came from the following three 'must have' cookbooks:

  • Glorious Chocolate , Mary Goodbody and the editors of Chocolatier Magazine. 1989 Simon & Shuster. ISBN 0-671-67289-4. This is the best of the three for beginning chefs. Lots of pictures, step-by-step instructions.
  • Cocolat , Alice Medrich. 1990 Warner Books, Inc. ISBN 0-446-51419-5. Want to make desserts that'll impress your professional chef buddies? This is the book. Mostly intermediate to advanced recipes, but anybody can make them if they use care and patience. I had the privilege of living near one of the Cocolat stores in Stanford, California. What an awesome place to shop!
  • Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts , Alice Medrich. 1994 Warner Books, Inc. ISBN 0-446-51666-X. Love chocolate? Hate fat? Can't stand low-fat 'chocolate' desserts? This is the book for you! Legendary Alice Medrich, founder of Cocolat, has written a no-compromise book on making low-fat desserts. You have to taste these to believe that's it's possible.