Who were the Hortens?

The Idea a paper by Reimar Horten

The Theory of the Nurflügel Airplanes[English][German] Technical paper on the theory and stability of flying wing aircraft. Translation in progress, but I'm posting it so you can see it in the meantime.

Horten Nurflügels
The pictures in the frame on the left side of the screen is a list of links which contain information about the Horten nurflügels. The list is in order of construction date, not model number. Each link contains a technical data sheet, lots of photographs, and miscellaneous notes concerning the airplanes. Click on the text or picture to go to the link.

Photo Credits: Almost all of the photos, unless otherwise credited, are from the wonderful book, "Nurflügel", by Peter F. Selinger and Dr. Reimar Horten, and used with the copyright owners permission. If you wish to use these photos, please list proper credit when you use them.