From Lloyd Watson:

Lloyd Watson's newly finished wing

During the past few months and following a weekend in Marion, Ohio with Jim Marske of Marske Flying Wings, I have put together a video of those two days discussing many of the discussion issues that this group has talked about.  I would like to make this available to all.  I sent a copy to Mr. Bowers and am including a portion of his response to me.  I would like to continue to produce more detail programs on other types of Flying Wings and other designers.  I would very much like to hear from any of you about your ideas and thoughts.

From Al Bowers
TO: Lloyd,

I meant to e-mail you before I left for vacation, but I didn't have time with last minute preparation. My apologies.

YES! I got the tape and watched it. The video is an excellent piece and should be sent in conjunction with Jim's book. The two compliment each other very well

I can only encourage you to produce more of these videos. I agree with Mat Redsell, there is something to Jim Marske's ideas, but they don't seem to get the attention they deserve

Again, I can only congratulate you on the excellent piece of work you've done for Jim Marske. It's an excellent piece and should be very worthwhile for flying wing enthusiasts.


Flying Wing Video

For those of you who do not know of Jim Marske and or his design, I would like you to know that Jim Marske is in a small elite group of aircraft designers in the world.  All of his designs are flying wings.   All of his designs have been Sailplanes.   Since his first encounter with aviation during W.W.II as a child,  Jim has designed sailplanes that to this days spawns interest from aviation enthusiast all over   the world. Now there is a new professionally produced video detailing the History of Marske Flying wing.

You will Hear Jim tell all regarding his childhood dreams of flight and how a ME163 changed his life.  Listen and see  old 8mm film recently discovered of construction of Jim's first flying wing the MX-1.  You will find out very Interesting information of the influence of the Plank, Faurvel wings & a ME-263  and how they effected  Jim Marske life.    Listen as Jim tells of how he taught himself how to fly and then of his life changing crash that was to influence his designs for the rest of his life.

I was granted a Peak into the world of early flying wing ideas by Jim and how small little models became the launching point for man carrying glider in a field next to his house.  How he acquired his first glider and had to rebuild it without plans or help.   Get this.  It was while he was still in High School.   Find out what happens when his parents leave him at home during vacation. 

Hear & See the history of a move to California and the design work on the Pioneer 1 and the reasons for a straight wing vs. a swept wing.   Hear his own accounts of the design changes of the pioneer and the first flight at the desert.  Tales of his first aero tow and of all the modification the Pioneer Flying Wing Sailplane.

I was allowed to hear the complete story as to how the small lightweight flying wing sailplane came about.   Hear the story of a world record flight and more.  Easy to build and easy to fly.   It does not want to come down.   The Monarch is a 42 foot 185 lb. with almost a 20 to 1 glide ratio.  This improved performance with a new carbon rod spar adds up to an excellent lightweight thermal machine.

Called the MONARCH!

I asked about the evolution and reason for design changes in The Pioneer series.  In Jim own words you will hear and see the change from the Pioneer 1 to the Pioneer IID.    You will hear and watch as a pioneer IID demonstrates the technique of how to  fly a flying wing for the very first time.  You will see video shots from the ground and the air of his first flight.  You will hear Jim step by step process of checking out in the WING!  You will see air to air video of the flying wing as it soars in its first series of test hops and then for it very first aerotow. I had a chance to have Jim go into detail regarding the kits available and you can see the parts in which the aircraft comes to you for construction.

Listen in as Jim takes you a tour of your fuselage components and what you will go through during construction of the Pioneer II .   You will see actual construction pictures of several different Pioneer during construction to give you an excellent idea of what you can expect during the building of your own flying wing!


It the latest in Sailplane Design!

It's the Pioneer III.   Jim Marske newest flying wing sailplane design.  With a L/d of 42 to 1 and VNE of 150 mph it a dream ship for any sailplane pilot or builder.  It will stall near 38 mph and have a sink rate of 100 feet per minute.  The 15-meter span with a 16.8 aspect ration makes for a very special sailplane. I asked Jim to discuss the process of designing and building the Pioneer III and the quickness he has designed into the kit. I asked about his work on the Genesis project and what involvement he had.  I listened as he explains the new Carbon Rod main Spar design and how strong it is. 

I got Jim to discuss the step by step process of how the Pioneer III came to be and his expectations of the flight envelope for the Flying Wing Sailplane.

If you will take the time to visit the site below you will see still from the video.

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