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I have several Google Code open source projects. I’ve provided descriptions of them below, and links to both the executables (Java WebStart), and the Google Code project URL.

  • Object-Oriented Ant Scripts - This was the topic of my 2009 JavaOne session this year. The idea is that we can treat Ant scripts as objects.  Once we view them in this paradigm, techniques for simplifying application build scripts manifest themselves.

    This project is used as the source of build scripts for all my other projects. I eat my own hamburgers, and they're pretty tasty!.

    Go to the Google Code project

  • Ivy Tools - A collection of tools for adding to Ivy repositories, finding out what’s already there, tidying up your ivy.xml file, etc.

    Got to the tools page!

    Go to the Google Code project

  • Ant Script Visualizer - Ever wonder how your build scripts work? Wonder what targets are relied on by your targets, or what macrodefs call other macrodefs?  This Google Code project analyzes your Ant scripts and outputs a graphic chart showing their composition.  Unlike other Ant tools, this works across multiple scripts.

    Run this app!

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