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2007-11-16 Munich My visit to the Deutsches Museum - a German museum devoted to technology Fantastic! 
2007-11-27 Straubing Museum Museum of local history, going back to the stone age (literally!) 

MRI_6.jpg preview

What all the fuss was about - my MRI. Notice that the spinal cord (the grey thing surrounded by white fluid) is pinched in two locations. Furthermore, there are white streaks in the spinal cord itself - that's it's way of going "ouch!", and those areas are damaged (myleopathy - literally, "death of nerves"). This is very bad, and if it continued, could have left me paralyzed.

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A conventional X-ray taken before surgery. Note the rather sinister "hook" on the front of the affected joints, where the bone is growing over the extruded discs (not visible in this X-ray). This is happening on the back side, which has to be removed. Getting rid of all that crunchy bone without harming the spinal cord is why neurosurgeons get paid a lot. Contrast this X-ray with the next ones, where you can see the new artificial joints.

Post op side.jpg
Post op side.jpg preview

The end result - artifical discs. The old discs have been removed, the offending bits of bone removed, and the new joints inserted.

Post op front.jpg
Post op front.jpg preview

Don't ask me why my neck's tilted like that - it's exactly the way the radiologist positioned my head for the shot.

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My room in Munich - small, but comfortable.

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Fish-eye view of the Asam room

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The bathroom, looking out preview
A Quicktime VR of our room at the Asam. That's my mother in the reading chair.

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Our room at the Hotel Asam - very nice, but a "suite" here is a large room. This was a very expensive hotel

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Note the glass door (and another on the entrance to the john) - no soundproofing at all.

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Automatic faucets, soap dispensers

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The men's room at the Hotel Asam.

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Something to aim at...

CIMG0018.JPG preview

and the doors open automatically, too

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Cigarette machines were everywhere...

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even outside the hospital!