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Objective: To obtain a position in the field of Java programming and software design

Employment History

    Senior Web Applications Engineer   October, 2001 - current
    Nike, Inc. Beaverton, OR

    Worked on developing’s “Catalog Data Management” tool (CDM). CDM is used for creating catalogs of Nike products. This is a very complex O-O application, using a heavily layered architecture based on J2EE and Struts. Back-end persistence to the Oracle database was managed via Hibernate. For functionality that couldn’t be done cleanly in HTML and JavaScript, a Swing applet was created which talked to the server via serialized objects over HTTP. Other accomplishments include implementing a very complex build script in Ant, setting up CruiseControl to work with ClearCase, and introducing Nike to Intellij Idea. Extensive use of patterns and a well-defined architecture made this program a success.


    Ajilon Consulting Beaverton, OR

    Worked on a short, three month contract with Multnomah County’s Adult Home Care Placement organization (ACHP). This was their first Java and O-O application, so I was responsible for getting everything set up from zero.


    Applications Engineer Sept 1999 June, 2001
    GemStone Systems, Inc./Brokat Server Technologies Beaverton, Oregon

    Wrote benchmark applications for the GemStone/J EJB server engine, including extensive performance testing and competitive analysis with EJB/J2EE applications. Wrote numerous EJB/J2EE demo applications using GemStone/J and Brokat Twister. Responsible for coordination, configuration, and setup for GemStone/Brokat’s JavaOne 2000-2001 booth demos, also performed booth duty for all major U.S. trade shows. Performed product integration with corporate partners, helping them integrate their product with GemStone/J or establishing requirements to modify GemStone/J to work with their software. Worked with GemStone/J’s object database (Persistent Cache Architecture), O-R mapping tools (Thought, Inc.’s CocoBase), and workflow process automation (Verve, Inc.’s product – now Versata).


    O-O Programmer  June 1999 - Sept 1999
    Technicalities, Inc. Wilsonville, OR

    Lead programmer for a three-tier Java project, which used Enterprise Java Beans on BEA WebLogic server. Project was a medical small-office management application designed to handle high-volume transactions with minimal network traffic, and with system response acceptable at modem speeds (the current version can be seen at Used WebLogic EJB server, Visual Age, Dash-O Pro in creating the product. Created both client GUI and server-side portions of application.


    Systems Engineer   1996 - May 1999
    Nike, Inc. Beaverton, Oregon

    Primary programmer for Nike Footwear's Line Planning Tool (LPT), a large scale, three-tier Java project which used both RMI and socket technology for client-server-database communication (this was pre-EJB). Performed both server-side application and client-side GUI application programming. Performed object analysis and design, which allowed application to grow and extend in a manageable fashion. Performed extensive optimization analysis on applications resulting in 4-25x improvement in speed. Member Nike Object Center of Excellence (OCofE), a team that promotes the education and usage of object technology at Nike.


    Senior Engineer   1984-1994
    Thiokol, Inc.   Brigham City, Utah

    Authored database and statistical analysis programs for production work centers and Engineering. Created a centralized library of automated forms for engineering documentation, replacing printed forms. Three patents in missile ignition system design. (US patents 4,716,830 , US 4,815,381 , Canadian patent 1310042 ). Duties included project management, training, documentation, test planning and report writing. Design engineer for the Shuttle solid rocket motor ignition system.


    B. S. Computer Science   1994 - 1996
    Weber State University, Ogden, Utah

    Graduated Cum Laude with an emphasis in Software Engineering. Vice-Chairman WSU chapter of the ACM.

    B. S. Aeronautical Engineering   1977 - 1984
    California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California


    Object Analysis and Design
    JSP/Java Servlets
    Ant scripting

    Java optimization techniques
    HTML/Web Design

    Java Swing GUI design
    Java Server programming
    N-tier Application Development with Java

Scuba diving, web design (see my aviation site:, R/C sailplanes