Doug’s Site

This is my home page, which is a collection of my favorite links, job stuff, etc. This page is updated regularly, as I'm always adding new links and info.

Favorite links:
The Nurflügel page  Everything you wanted to know about flying wings. Covers Northrop, Horten, Lippisch, and much more!

Hubble Space Telescope - Get'em while they're hot! Pictures fresh off the HST.

My Resume - Check out my resume. Offer me a job. The section on my patents is fairly interesting.

My Cookbook - Like chocolate? Like DARK chocolate? Try out my online cookbook, with lots of good recipes, and lots and lots of chocolate!

Cervical Degenerative Disk Disease, and my treatment by Dr. Bertagnoli’s Pro-Spine clinic - suffering from Degenerative Disk Disease, stenosis and spondylosis? Read this - don’t let your insurance company dictate your medical options.

Software - check out the Nurflügel software! Do you work with Ant? Ivy? Check out my software page. It all works on PC, Mac (OS X), Linux, you name it!

My Blog - My ideas, opinions, comments on today’s life, national and world events. Guaranteed to amuse liberals, offend and antagonize conservatives, and hopefully make you THINK!

Pictures - my house, vacation pics, you name it!

Panoramas - One of my hobbies is making photographic panoramas, including 360 degree QuickTime VRs. 

My Picture - A 2 year old version of myself, about to dive into a chocolate cake. Very cute, shows that my love of chocolate began at an early age.

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