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This site is divided into the following sections:

Lippisch Nurflügels - Planes from a man whose delta winged airplanes influenced a generation of aircraft design.

Horten Nurflügels - Think the F-117 was the world's first Stealth jet fighter? Think again!

Northrop Nurflügels - A bittersweet story of success, failure, and ultimate triumph.

Fauvel Wings - The French flying wing

The Lifting Bodies - The X-24, the M2-FX, the HL-10, and others. A variant on an all-wing aircraft: all-fuselage, with no wings.

Others - Great designs both historic and contemporary which are lesser-known.

Nurflugel Software - OK, this has nothing to do with flying wings, but I've some pretty useful software programs

Great pictures of the Exulans sailplane!

Pictures from the Elmira conference on flying wings!

Markse Flying Wing Video 

Pictures from the NASM. See the remains of the Ho 229, the Northrop Black Bullet, and more!

Fantastic color pictures of the Ho IV during testing at Mississippi State University! Never before published, an exclusive for the Nurflugel site!
The PUL 10  Nurflugel Flugzeugbau

 New information from the PUL 10 team - the H 3000!

 Nurflügel Papers Section - Theoretical papers from Northrop, Horten, Al Bowers, Nickel, and more! Check out the papers by our own Arthur Kresse and Reinhold Stadler!

The Nurflügel Bulletin Board - Send in your pictures and have them posted here!

Nurflügel Binaries Section - Temporary files for the members of the Nurflugel Mailing list

Where are they Now? - Find out where the surviving nurflügels are!

The Nurflügel Mailing List - Join the mailing list! Lots of great contacts around the world!

Nest of Dragons - Koen's weird aircraft site - join the design project!

Links to Other Nurflügel Web Sites 

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